Hiring Anthony Holt as a close-up magician

Hiring the best close-up magician for your guests?

Have you ever experienced a miracle from ten centimeters away? No. Then you need to hire a close-up magician. It's high time you met the close-up magician of Belgium, Anthony Holt. Under your eyes, Anthony Holt will leave you amazed by the most impossible effects. He demonstrates his magical talent in his own charismatic way. A close-up magician can also perform at venues without tables. Partly because of his unique style, Anthony Holt is therefore a much sought-after magician during events. Your guests will be surprised by pure magic of the highest level.

Hiring a Close-up magician?

You can! During Anthony Holt's magical sessions, your guests will be treated to one interactive, inexplicable magic trick after another. They will be amazed at what happens at the table just inches away from them each time. Normally this is only seen on TV, but now live! Isn't that wonderful?

Before dinner, between courses or during the reception, Anthony Holt moves among your guests. He moves almost invisibly between the different tables to create unforgettable moments with your guests. Entertainment is extremely important to plant memories in your event visitors. Believe us, table magician Anthony Holt will be talked about for a long time!

Hiring a Close-up magician?
'Anthony Holt was an added value at our event. He provided a magical touch in a professional manner. Clear communication and thoughtful about what was the best fit. We were extremely satisfied with our collaboration!
Lobke - Startersfabriek VZW'

Download information about close-up magic

Then download the info sheet of Anthony Holt as close-up magician here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Anthony been performing as a magician?

He has been working professionally for 8 years now. Before he could start a business, he also gained a lot of experience in the most crazy situations. Because of his professionalism and expertise, he is regularly called in by other magicians. He developed many tricks and acts for other magicians and has been working behind the scenes with TV magician Nicholas for 7 years now. So experience galore...

What happens if Anthony is unexpectedly sick?

Well don't worry, this has only happened once in all the years and although he was too sick to perform, he wasn't sick enough not to continue helping the client. Anthony, meanwhile, has been on stage for years and has a nice network of quality colleagues. He will always make every effort to find replacements. You will get the best service from Anthony, he does not leave anyone disappointed.

I want a magician who walks among people, is this a close-up magician?

Well a close-up magician is exactly this what you are looking for. Close-up magician, walk around magician, table magician, etc... they are all synonyms. So Anthony Holt doesn't necessarily need tables as a table magician. He simply moves among your guests who usually stand in smaller groups (often around dining/ standing tables).

What should I consider when booking a close-up magician?

That's just fine. Organizationally, there is very little involved in booking Anthony Holt as a close-up magician. In fact, you can just relax and trust that your guests will have a great time. A separate room not too far from the party is greatly appreciated so Anthony can change and stock his equipment. We also strongly recommend that the background not be too loud. People like to understand what is being said.

How long does a performance by Anthony Holt as a Close-up Magician last?

It depends on the number of guests, the setting (do people eat, do they sit at long tables, reception tables, no tables, etc...). No worries, Anthony listens to what your event looks like and guides you into it. Close-up magic can be as little as 2 connecting hours. Should you find that at the event you would like an additional hour Anthony can (if his schedule allows) stay for an additional hour.

I am having an event with a large number of guests. Can you help me find additional magicians for my event?

If you have a large event coming up and time is limited at the event, it is wise to provide multiple magicians. However, not all magicians are suitable for your event. A magician who performs at children's parties is not suitable for at dinners, corporate events, etc....

Through his experience, Anthony has a nice network of quality colleagues. So he is happy to help you find enough good magicians.

He can also arrange all communication so that you only have to arrange everything with him. He arranges everything with the other magicians and you then receive only one invoice from all the magicians together, to make it accounting and administrative as fine as possible.

What tricks will Anthony Holt bring when he walks around among people?

This is a lot harder to answer. Expect a fresh take on magic. Not yet another stuffy card trick but rather what you can see on TV quick visual tricks. A wedding ring of one of your guests disappearing and appearing in wallet, Anthony making everyone's clock on cell phone go back in time, Money quadrupling in the hands of spectators, and much more. Unfortunately, we can't just put his tried-and-true repertoire online because he also adapts to the guests. In any case, one will not soon forget this wonderment.

Prefer a stage show?
Anthony Holt can not only be booked for table magic. He also amazes your guests with a stage show. Surprising, full of humor and above all amazing effects. That is the best way to describe Anthony Holt's stage show. Is it real? Is it magic? Or is it something in between? Get re-energized during a show guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. How Anthony Holt does it all we will reveal: he does it as one of, if not the very best!

Book Anthony Holt's magic show?

A stage show as a re-energizer during your event?
Surprising, full of humor and, above all, amazing effects. That's the best way to describe Anthony Holt's stage show. Is it real? Is it magic? Or is it something in between? Perhaps you will find out, but chances are you won't. In Anthony Holt's interactive performance, your audience will not only be presented with a show full of bizarre effects. In fact, they will star in it zeÌlf! Get new energy during a show guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. How Anthony Holt does it all we will reveal: he does it as one of, if not the very best!

Hiring a magician for your event?
Anthony Holt's interactive performance is the show par excellence. It lends itself as an opening, interlude or spectacular finale to your seminar, meeting or corporate event. Also as a warm-up for the arrival of the CEO. Anthony can even make a spectacular appearance out of nowhere! Your employees will be on the edge of their seats during Anthony Holt's show!

The stage show of Anthony Holt is perfect in combination with a session of close-up magic. Where during the drinks, dinner or reception he will give a demonstration of incredible tricks at only ten centimeters distance. Curious about the possibilities? Then be amazed today!

A very pleasant and passionate person who tackles every assignment with enthusiasm. Top entertainment and for us one of the best in his profession. Highly recommended!
Gaèlle - Kinepolis Group NV

Download information about the stage show? Then download the info sheet of Anthony Holt as magician here.

Info sheet

Which languages does Anthony Holt speak?

Anthony is fluent in Dutch and English. 

Prefer a stage show?

Anthony Holt cannot only be booked for table magic. He will also surprise your guests with a group performance. Surprising, full of humor and above all amazing effects. That's the best way to describe Anthony Holt's group performance. Is it real? Is it magic? Or is it something in between? Re-energize with a show that is guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. We will tell you how Anthony Holt does all this: he does it as one of, if not the very best!

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