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Magician Anthony Holt works behind the scenes with several TV magicians. Experience these magic tricks live just inches away. If you invite Anthony Holt to your upcoming event, you are guaranteed an unforgettable evening thanks to one of the best magicians in Belgium. Whether at the table, on stage or on the show floor, Anthony Holt knows how to bring the effects of television to you like no other. Hiring magician Anthony Holt is the right choice. Are you ready?
Anthony stood at the METTLER TOLEDO Production Inspection booth during the Empack packaging trade show. It actually generated some quality leads for our company that we would not have had otherwise. Anthony is a nice guy who is excellent at representing a company at a trade show. So highly recommended
Stan Hoff
As a magician and entertainer, I think this is very important... For me, smooth and clear communication is very important. The week before the event, you will receive a reminder from me with all the things agreed upon. So you will never have to doubt that I will show up. As 'the corporate magician of Belgium', I will make sure that your event will be unforgettable and that your guests are the center of attention. Anthony Holt, Magician

Fresh, modern and charismatic

That's the best way to describe Anthony Holt, one of the best magicians in Belgium.

From an early age, he has been marveling at everyone. Today, Anthony Holt is a sought-after guest at receptions, corporate events, galas and trade shows. He knows how to connect your guests like no other magician. He then leaves them with an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for a long time!
Magic like on TV but real, LIVE
What could be better than a magician on television? A magician a few inches away, of course. Nothing impresses like incredible tricks right under your eyes. Anthony Holt has made this art his own. But not without specializing in the art of organizing, connecting and the psychology surrounding it. This combination guarantees the perfect interpretation of live entertainment during your upcoming event. Lees verder

More than 100+ companies have gone before you

Anthony Holt was an added value at our event. He provides a magical touch in a professional manner. Always very clear communication, thinks with us about what fits best and very well prepared. The story he brought to one trick was also completely tailored to the theme of our event. We were extremely satisfied with our collaboration!
Lobke Van Damme (Starter Factory)
Amazement, admiration: it was noticeable among the colleagues on our Companion Day! Explicit cries of amazement, laughter and clapping.... need I say more ? Anthony Holt is very professional in what he brings, in his communication and in the correct arrangements: highly recommended!
Ruth Cazaerck
I can't be left behind with a comprehensive review, because it is heartfelt! Indeed, during the opening of our seasonal program, Anthony Holt was our guest to perform his skills. With his fresh mannerisms, he managed to amaze us all. The show was interactive which was exactly what we wanted. Anthony is highly recommended if you are looking for a modern act, rather than a stuffy magician. The contact beforehand was also very smooth and he was very willing to incorporate our message and the theme of our season into his show. Fantastic!
Adil Bezu
We had hired Anthony for our 40th company anniversary. Even though this was pre-arranged, we were still surprised and amazed that Anthony made our director appear from an empty closet. None of my table guests had any idea where he had come from! During dinner, Anthony walked around all the tables showing his tricks. I still find it extremely clever that he managed to go down all thirty tables within a short time. To this day, my colleagues are still talking about the trick with the ring! Thank you Anthony for your presence and spectacular acts and I highly recommend you!
Nathan Romijn
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Hiring a magician, how much does it cost?

For every request, of course, comes the question of what it costs. However, there is no standard answer to that. It all depends on a number of things:

  • What form of magic are you looking for? Do you want to hire a close-up magician? Are you looking for a stage show? Do you wish to hire a trade show magician?
  • How many hours do you wish to hire Anthony Holt? Close-up magic usually starts from 2hrs. A stage show is often between 25min.- 60 min. Hiring Anthony as a trade show magician is per trade show day.
  • What event is it (Staff Party, Dinner, Product Launch, private party,...)?
  • Where will the event take place?

Best request a price here. This way you will get a correct quotation without any obligation.

However, I don't want to leave you completely in the dark. Therefore, below is a small outline of what to expect.

Amateur magician | < €350
These are individuals with a love of magic who like to do some extra work. In this way they can buy new tricks or rights for tricks (these are often quite expensive). Often these are persons who have just started conjuring or are often elderly. These enthusiasts like to perform once to gain experience but are often inconsistent in their quality and often have poor service as well. Have you sent an email asking for a gig 3 days ago and still not received a response? Then this often indicates not only that they don't take your event seriously but also that they may be an amateur who only perform a handful a year. Also, billing is very difficult with these types of magicians.

Semi-professional magician | €350-€700
These types of magicians are a lot more reliable. Often these are people who perform in a secondary occupation. They have a day job but have a lot of experience so you can be sure that the tricks themselves will almost always work. Here it is only difficult to say how the service of these magicians is. One will follow up on his requests well and can answer all your questions almost immediately, for the other it will take days before you hear from him. The same goes for their improvisational skills. Now you might say what is that important for but every event is different. A professional magician has already performed successfully in all possible situations. Even if something unexpected happens during the performance, the magician should be able to respond to it and make sure he brings it to a successful conclusion. If your budget is a little tighter, a semi-professional magician is a better choice than an amateur magician.

Professional magician | €700-€1,000
A professional magician is by far the best choice for your event. These magicians have the necessary experience can give you the service you deserve and are often ironclad. If you have an important corporate event that has been working toward all year you obviously don't want to look like a fool as an event manager by hiring an amateur. As I mentioned earlier, these magicians are used to performing and have a solution to every possible situation even before there is a problem. Because obviously your upcoming event just has to be a hit. Whether it is for entertainment at receptions or dinners or for central group performance Anthony will not disappoint you.

 Want to be sure and get the best service & quality at your upcoming event? Then click here.

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Which languages does Anthony Holt speak?

Anthony is fluent in Dutch and English.

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How long has Anthony been performing as a magician?

He has been working professionally for 8 years now. Before he could start a business, he also gained a lot of experience in the most crazy situations. Because of his professionalism and expertise, he is regularly called in by other magicians. He developed many tricks and acts for other magicians and has been working behind the scenes with TV magician Nicholas for 7 years now. So experience galore...

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What happens if Anthony is unexpectedly sick?

Well don't worry, this has only happened once in all the years and although he was too sick to perform, he wasn't sick enough not to continue helping the client. Anthony, meanwhile, has been on stage for years and has a nice network of quality colleagues. He will always make every effort to find replacements. You will get the best service from Anthony, he does not leave anyone disappointed.

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